Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Panko Pork

Panko Pork with Bok Choy and Rice.

1c panko mix
.44lb pork (already cut up)
1 large egg
sesame seeds (optional)
3pc's bok choy
4 cloves of garlic

Cook rice in rice cooker. Wash bok choy and dry (I use a salad spinner). Cut 1" pieces. Unpeel garlic cloves and mince. Add egg to bowl, beat til mixed. Add 1c panko to another bowl. Add salt/pepper/sesame seeds to panko, mix together. Dip pork pieces in egg wash then in panko. Place on plate.

Pre heat 12" pan. After warm, add more oil then usual. After warm, add pork. As pork browns on one side, flip over. Cook until done (taste test). Add paper towels to a plate. Place panko pork on to soak up oil, tent or cover.

Add a little more oil to pan. Add in bok choy and garlic. Cook until desired softness of bok choy. Add dab of miso paste to the side of the plate to dip the panko pork into.

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