Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eating in the South Bay

I grew in the South Bay (Torrance area) before transplanting myself in the 626. I ventured down to visit my folks. Gardena is home to a large variety of Japanese restaurants. First we stopped by Pâtisserie Chantilly.

What's inside?

Macarons (choc/vanilla/strawberry)

While I have my favorite spot, we went somewhere new for lunch, Sanuki No Sato. I found them in that Japan Up magazine. Their website is here. They serve everyone a tall glass of cold tea. I shared their Yakiudon with Noah. It's like yakisoda except they fry the udon (at some HK restaurants, I love fried udon with XO sauce). It was kinda pricey but very flavorful. The only thing lacking was some meat. It had like 3 pieces of meat. The interesting ingredient was little bits of fried tempura. Sorry np pix.

So by chance, we were in the same plaza as Bonjour Bakery. I read about them on chowhound, so I picked up a choux(cream puff) for $2.50. They are cash only. Their website is here.


Close up

Before going home, I picked up dinner. My favorite Japanese pasta place is Spoon House.
I normally get #12, spinach and bacon spaghetti with butter. I decided to try the marinated pork. Yummy. Their french bread is the best as well :)

Marinated Pork Spaghetti

Right next door is a little home in the wall sushi place. They are take out only as well as cash only. I ordered Eva a 7 pieced mixed box plus 2 rolls of Calif roll. When they run out of sushi, they close for the day.

Go Kings Go!

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