Sunday, February 28, 2010

Panko Pork Fried Rice

Panko Pork Fried Rice with broccoli and baby bok choy.

.42lb of pork
1c broccoli
2 heads baby bok chow
panko mix
2 eggs
miso paste
old rice
1T soy sauce
3 garlic gloves

Mix 1 egg in a small bowl. Dip pork in egg then the panko mix. Set aside.
Dice the garlic.
Wash the veggies then cut up into bite size pieces.
Boil water then add broccoli. Boil for 4mins. Remove and rinse under cold water.

Pre heat pan, then oil. Add in panko pork. When 1 side is brown turn over. Then keep tossing to cook the pork. Remove ontp a plate with paper towel to soak up oil.

Add more oil to pan. Add in rice. Add in garlic, veggies. Mix up and close lid over it for a couple of minutes. Remove lid, and keep mixing. Create opening in center, add egg. Mix egg but don't scramble. Before it's cooked all the way, combine with everything else. Add 1T of soy sauce. Mix well. Serve on warm plate, sprinkle sesame seeds on top. Add panko pork to plate. Either spread miso paste on pork or add as a side to dip.

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