Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Overboard Curry Beef with Rice

Tonight was beef curry with Japanese rice. Ever wanted the super sticky rice? Just follow the instructions on the rice bag. 1.5 cups of rice to 2 cups water....sticky. Don't want it so sticky, do the 2:2 ratio. I picked up some cut up beef made for cooking with curry. I coated the beef in flour. The pan was preheated then the oil. The beef was added and cooked ~3 minutes per side. The beef was removed with lots of sucs left. 2 diced cloves of garlic tossed in. I deglazed with a little red wine. As it reduced to just a little left, some chicken broth was added in. As it reduced the beef was thrown back in and mixed together. Reduce into there's not much sauce left, the remaining will be thick and coat the beef nicely. The curry was boiling in it's package for 3-5 minutes. Sesame seeds sprinkled on top of everything.


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