Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bottega Louie Breaks My Heart

We hit up Bottega Louie for lunch today. The wait wasn't too bad, 20 minutes. We scored a parking spot right outside, it even had an hour paid. I'm not sure why it's an hour max, who can finish lunch in under an hour in a popular place?!?! $4/hr, it would've been less hassle to pay $5 in the parking lot. It all starts off well, but as we sat there waiting for food, even the bread took forever to come by. So after waiting for the food after finishing down the bread which with their butter is yummy, our food finally arrives. My plate is not warm nor hot. A big no no for serving warm food on. The fries were mostly barely warm or cold. That didn't bother me as I was focused on the kobe burger. Despite ordering the burger medium, it came out basically well done. Luckily it was still moist and good. My cousin Gwen had ordered the quiche. That came cold. The waitress took it back and told her they're making her a new one. When it came back, it was warm but it was the same quiche! How did she know? Well it still had the fork mark from checking it earlier, total fail. Eva ordered the club sandwich. Sadly, service wasn't so good this time and the cooks messing up orders is a big bleh....we didn't bother to order pastries despite how good they looked.

Kobe Burger with cold and over salted fries:

Club Sandwich:




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